Module III CogCon Certification Process

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Parietal Lobes - Sensing with Your Brain in Mind
- 16 hours

Incorporating the Specialized Office Management Tools Certification III - Certified Cognitive Connections Mentor*

The specialized office management tools used at Cognitive Connections have been specifically designed by a management team to address the unique needs of our end users.

What you will learn:
• Creating reports
• Develop the Individualized Developmental Profiles
• Learn the Maintenance and record keeping of client symptoms and protocols
• Graph progress
• Customize your management tools
• Tailored marketing plan including: social media, medical referrals, consistent email advertising, and the use of unique online tools


*As a Mentor you will be given the opportunity to mentor a novice (CCCN). In this position you are compensated as you continue to grow and learn within your new knowledge base by assisting someone in their educational experience.