Module I CogCon Certification Process

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PFC - Thinking with Your Brain in Mind
- 16 hours

Designing the Individualized Developmental Profile (IDP) Certification I - Certified Cognitive Connections Apprentice

Learn it, Do it and Teach it...
Learn, discuss and teach the details and functions of specific brain areas, how to best create an Individualized Developmental Profile based on the standardized testing and how to remediate these concerns. In this intense 3 day program we will cover the components and impairments associated with what we call our "Magnificent 7".

What you will learn:

The Cognitive Components
 • Prefrontal Cortex
 • Temporal Lobes (Dominant vs Non-dominant)
 • Parietal Lobes
 • Occipital Lobe

The Physiological Components
 • Basal Ganglia
 • Cingulate System
 • Deep Limbic System