An Introduction to Neurocognitive Processing - WEBINAR

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An Introduction to NeuroCognitive Processing
Cognitive Connections Novice

A precursor to the in-depth three seminar certification program. Here’s your chance to learn a developmental process that has been researched and developed to explore individualized cognitive remediation plans.

What you will learn:
• Identification of Developmental Learning Patterns
• Areas of brain functions and challenges
• BrainBased Learning Techniques
• Basics of NeurOptimal
• Basics of Cognitive Remediation<
• Individualized Developmental Profile
• The Remediation Process
• Overview of Standardized Testing
• Overview of the Management Tools
- Daily Session Notes for Practitioner combined with take-home user-friendly client-based remediation activities
- Client Self-Evaluation Intake Form
- Daily Self-Report
- Supplement Analysis
- Test Reports