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Introduction to Neurofeedback

Introduction To Neurofeedback
Basic Certification Course Registration

Join us for this Basic course, where you will learn everything you need to know regarding the theory and history behind traditional neurofeedback and NeurOptimal® dynamic feedback, how it works, running clients, running your practice and some basic analysis features. Successful completion of this course grants the attendee Basic Certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants will have access to a professional Neurofeedback system if one is not yet owned for use during the course hours and homework times in order to successfully complete the course and become certified. A Beginner DVD will also be made available and opportunity to 'hook-up' someone during the course will also be encouraged.

Advanced Certification

Explore the non-linear dynamical theory in great detail. Learn how to use many of the numerous features in the NeurOptimal® system in greater depth, as well as a variety of options available in the extensive off-line analysis package. Come away with an in-depth understanding of the most current evolution in the approach, including the exciting newest feature, AutoNAV. Basic Certification is a pre-requisite for this course. Attendees will receive NeurOptimal® Advanced Certification for this course. Participants must attend both full days for Certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to a NeurOptimal® system for completion of homework assignments for this course is required.

The cost for the Neurofeedback Certification Courses is $595.00 USD