Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will neurofeedback last forever?

    Neurofeedback is like teaching someone to read. You can never NOT know how to read again unless some drastic situation arises (i.e., stroke or traumatic brain injury). You may want to take some additional refresher courses if you are not consciously using the techniques you have learned. 

  2. Does it work for everyone?

    The majority of the individuals using NF do find benefit in this training technique. The degree of benefit changes depending on the presenting problems, the expectations of the individual or family and the environment in which the person lives.

  3. Can I eliminate my medication?

    With the assistance of your physician it is possible to decrease medication. Many times for depression, SSRI's can be eliminated entirely. It has been found that blood pressure medication may also be decreased however with all medication it is only under the supervision of a medical doctor that any changes in medication should occur.

  4. Should I continue to see my psychologist?

    Many people find comfort in continuing to see their clinical psychologist, counselor or therapist through out the feedback protocol, this is preferable to our office. We can recommend a counselor for the family to assist in developing new family patterns as the individual learns new cognitive strategies if you do not currently have a psychologist.

  5. Is it dangerous to change someone's brain?

    In a healthy brain, cortical activity is always present at all times. It is the intensity or strength of the activity at specific frequency levels that are what create behaviors that are called abnormal or are disrupting to an individual. Therefore, helping someone control the intensity of specific frequencies within the brain is not harmful. It is recommended that the participant does NF training under the supervision of a trained technician.

  6. Does electrical activity go into the brain during NF?

    No, the EEG sensors are placed on the scalp with the conductive paste to “read” the activity under the scalp. It is then processed through a device called a “ProComp”© and mathematical calculations are computed to develop a picture of this activity. This is then processed again through specific software to create feedback in both a visual and auditory format for the brain to respond to during a session.

  7. Can Anyone become a NF technician?

    Although it is possible for anyone to learn the process of neurofeedback training it is mainly the healthcare professionals that are the trained technicians. This includes Psychologists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Medical Doctors and Special Education Teachers.