Information on Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is sometimes referred to as EEG (Electroencephalogram) Biofeedback or Neurotherapy. It is the process of training the brain to learn to modify or control brainwave activity through auditory and visual feedback. Neurofeedback is a gentle, painless and non invasive method of creating a balance within the central nervous system. neuroptimal-computerThe training process is measured by use of a computer system and sensors on the head.

This process measures the brain wave information from the scalp and helps a person learn to become relaxed and/or focused by providing real-time information as to how their brain is performing. It is a ‘dance’ between the system and the individual as they ‘auto-dynamically’ create a balance together.

Many times as I describe this process to others I will compare it to the struggle a Symphony Orchestra may have executing a beautiful piece of music if the trumpets are blaring too loudly! Even the forty violins cannot be heard with their beautiful melody when the trumpets are so loud that they are demanding the attention. This visual image can compare to having a few frequencies in our brain (perhaps the Anxiety frequencies) that are taking the lead role overwhelming other frequencies (the calming, ‘quieting’ or maybe the ‘Aha’ frequency) or leaving them unaccessible.

When using Neurofeedback as a training method individuals are trained through the use of a software program called NeurOptimal®. We use this program in our offices and recommend it for home based systems as well. 

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